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It wouldn't be Sonic without the mention of a Bike Pump.

Maple's got that form down without a struggle, and she's a complete contrast to Pear's malding attempt to maintain The Trend Hopper!

This is great, and I love it. I was so proud of you for showing up on their channel with your charming animation style. The fact it's JFJ and the first I was seeing a fan animation of them too. And first saw you on Newgrounds. It's wonderful. Keep at it!

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Okay, that's enough brain draining puzzle games for me. My head hurts, but I enjoyed this. I'll come back to this later, and see if I can complete the last 4 levels to get that last medal.

Was a fun game to play. You had me thinking more than I probably should have for most of these. I'll look at your other games too when I get the chance.

Got mad and gave up. When I became deceased from a lack of oxygen, the game suddenly takes a massive performance hit on my chrome tab. It took 10 whole minutes to close the tab. I'm very curious as to why a blank black screen caused my PC fans to turn into turbine engines.
Nothing too snazzy, just an astronaut platform game. I love how the background moves subtly with your movements. Reminded me of GBA games I used to play as a kid. The soundtrack wasn't just one looping theme the entire time, so nice to know you made the effort to include more than one track. Even bothering to include an impact sprite for when they fell is neat.

ImminentDeath responds:

That is very strange, because I didn't experience any performance issues when testing, but I think I know what the problem is. I'm releasing a patch and I hope it fixes it. Thank you for letting me know.

For the first time in my life I actually had to adjust my jitter clicking speed for the space bar. For the users in the high score that reached past 35. You either have a really strong forearm now, or somehow cheated the system. I'll be taking my medals with pride and honor, and I will accept my S rank as an achievement.
The one thing I'd hope for was more dramatic sound FX to really make me feel like I'd hit them into the next dimension.

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I had a tiny feeling in the back of my mind about you trying a suction cup man impersonation when you laughed at it on the Newgrounds podcast. It sounds great!

VoicesByCorey responds:

Ultimately, that was the reason why I did it! XD

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I couldn't be happier to find this master piece whilst scrolling through the deltarune tag. You've blessed me.

p o t a s i u m

The boom box demon's got a great name to go with their appearance here. Monster Poopo.

CountryHumans enthusiast, and inflation fetish artist. In love with Japan Empire and obsessed with round girls.
You may need to take medication after viewing my gallery.

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