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CountryHumans enthusiast, and inflation fetish artist. In love with Japan Empire and obsessed with round girls.
You may need to take medication after viewing my gallery.

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Ech0Chamber's News

Posted by Ech0Chamber - June 12th, 2021

My CountryHumans artwork is mostly inflation, expansion, or big assets, and with reaching 1K followers on Newgrounds. I've opened an Inflation Fetish Discord Server, so come join, and have a "fulfilling" time!




Posted by Ech0Chamber - May 17th, 2021


I've now setup a Terms of Service, and CountryHumans information document for public viewing. Information on the boundaries of my artwork, and some personality information on my designs is all listed in here to read upon.

Echo's CH Info & TOS


Posted by Ech0Chamber - May 1st, 2021

With how well CountryHumans USSR Wrath turned out, I have already begun working on my next SFM project. This scene will be familiar for those who watch @SrPelo so you'll know what you're in for when this is released.


Artwork Updates

You may've noticed I've posted no new drawings. This is because I'm updating older pieces like this most recent one. My standards for my art have changed, and getting the idea out doesn't cut it for me anymore. Expanding the depth of my art is my most important mission. My Third Reich artwork is also being changed to her new design which is less controversial while still maintaining her original vibe.

Long story short, I'm working on better art presentation, and started my next animation project.

Edit: Happy Pico Day >:)



Posted by Ech0Chamber - April 19th, 2021

Brand new video posted, proud, and satisfied! Happy to share with you all my first Newgrounds movie. This was quite a challenge for the last 4 months to get done, but I am very happy with the end result. I got to include some cameo features in the background, and I got to put my 3D animation skills to the test!



Posted by Ech0Chamber - December 4th, 2020

USSR Shenanigans 2 is finally complete, however two months after release, I had to censor it because YouTube age restricted it. Ironic considering the videos I edited this from aren't restricted, but honestly it shouldn't be. Swearing it not a war crime, and it shouldn't be.



Posted by Ech0Chamber - October 19th, 2020

I was making my contest entry for the Among Us Purple Imposter animation jam, however I couldn't make it in time. Not that I was nearly finished with it anyway. I think I stopped trying so hard after the 3rd when I realized I was just too ambitious with making the "perfect" story, and animation. If you're interested in a preview image, this is what it looked like. This scene takes place for the intro of the video. Now that I don't have to worry about deadlines I can work on it slowly but surely. Though it may be a while, since I'm slow with my work.


In other news I am also trying to take over the Season 2 of Reddits "Layer", and asserting my dominance over the "Threads" flag section. I am not a very big Reddit user, however this is the one time I'd appreciate upvotes.

Reddit Layer S2 - Empire of Echo Kammer

I also made a Newgrounds Tank if you're interested in voting that instead.



Posted by Ech0Chamber - September 19th, 2020

Nothing like spending an unnecessary amount of time overthinking a simple background just because you want it to be just right, and realizing those several hours could have been just 10 minutes if you weren't such a nitpick. 5 Hours, just to complete a single background that may only last 15 seconds in the final render.

I went through the effort of rebuilding the lobby in Minecraft just to take screenshots for 3D reference perspective, only to toss it out anyway, since it seemed too "3D like", and that looked ugly to me.

Trying to make the oh so special ice cream Sunday that's in my head, and applying it to drawing is a battle I just can't win. Why am I even trying so hard? I have no idea, since I know I'll be extremely critical for my first time 2D animation, and then a few years later I'll look back at this and be like "Man I can do so much better now."

Ya know, I'm just hopin' when I post this to Newgrounds that I'll look at this newpost afterward, and think I was paranoid.



Posted by Ech0Chamber - August 19th, 2020

I think of any form of creativity like sentences. You can write it normally without consideration of being grammatically correct. Does the lack of commas, or capitalization make the sentence unreadable? Of course not. If it's still English, and it's a language you understand then you will have made a legible letter. Albeit not professional, but legible, however that shouldn't stop you from trying. The little things even if you know that nobody will notice, or care as much as you do still matters. It's satisfying to perfect the crafts you love.

The many times I loathe doing shading, because it looks fine without it. The many times I am happy that I shaded it, because I know it looks better with it than without it.


Posted by Ech0Chamber - July 31st, 2020

I don't have any dignity, or honor in it I can tell ya that much HA, but do I take any pride in it? Yeah just a tad, and I enjoy making my ideas come to life. The r/CountryhumansCringe reddit sure seems to take a liking to my drawings, and it's the funniest stuff to me. Almost motivates me to make more ridiculous concepts for them to get upset over thinking I actually care to adhere to their gate keeping.

Though I don't see myself making a career out of drawing, so much as I see myself doing that with editing, and 3D animation. Don't get me wrong, I love drawing, but I definitely don't want to turn it into a job. It's a fun hobby for me, and I don't want to ruin that. If I ever do take commissions, I'll do it rarely, and I'd rather make that bread from my skills I take more seriously than I do with my artwork.

Anyways lads, I don't have much of a future planned with my drawings other than making more of them, and getting at the top of my fandoms search engine. But it's fun while it lasts, and I don't want to give up on this either. Cheers!


Posted by Ech0Chamber - July 1st, 2020

Last night I saw a change in the Art Guidelines that says "fetishizing hate groups" is a flaggable offense, so just to avoid the risk of deletion, I have made some changes to my drawings. (Sorry for the people that like the symbol accuracy.) The Axis Powers is untouched, and fine, but as for every other drawing involving Third Reich / Nazi Germany I have completely removed the Swastika. Obviously it's still intended to be Nazi Germany, and I've been able to display that through tattoo designs without anything too controversial.

I have also replaced the swastika tattoos on my character Echo Kammers arms with Hidari gomon as a temporary place holder until I create a new symbol, or find another existing one I'm fond of.

Edit: As of right now, removing the swastika imagery is good enough. I've replaced them all with an X like you'd see in Metal Slug. This makes things a lot easier for me, so I'm happy about that. World War 2 Axis nations aren't applicable to this YET, so it's fine for now.